Hello Everyone,
Happy new year!  Thank you sooooooo much for your understanding in waiting for your pledged artwork and music.  It’s been almost a year and you’ve all been more than patient. I have almost everything ready to be shipped out now, so please do make sure your current address is the one on your order.
As I’ve been doing everything myself, it’s taken a really long time, and this is my first time being in the production line :-). I don’t want to give a list of excuses but besides touring, a lot of things happened, I’ve been separating from my French record company for over eight months now and I’m still waiting for them to give me back my freedom.  On top of that I’ve had to move three times this past year, all of which has really slowed down the process of you getting your stuff.
  As for the cd’s it’s completely out of my hands, (I’ve been trying for over a year to get my rights back from the record label meanwhile I still can’t get any cd’s from them to give to you). However I promise that as soon as I get them back I’ll be manufacturing them myself to get them to you.
Jerome and I are working on the acoustic pledge album and hope to have it out to you early this year. Despite some challenges, working on getting these things to you, and making this new music has been such a joy and I’m so very grateful to you… Thanks again for your faithful understanding.  Many blessings to you in this new year!