Langata, Kenya

When I was a little girl, my dear mother (tired of the touring and the crazy music business) split from my father and turned her life towards being in service to others. She sold everything she owned, and took my brother and me to live in Kenya to help the people in the drought stricken areas of Turkana in the rift valley of northern Kenya.

People sometimes say to me “Oh, but you were just a kid then” , and I have to say, “Exactly! thats what made it such a profound experience!” My “age of reason” happened in Africa.

My world came to light in Kenya as I was moved by the generous people, the music, the land, struck by the dramatic beauty, the wild, the wise, and sometimes the terribly tragic atmosphere. Between the hustle and bustle of Nairobi streets, the barren starving deserts of the north, the lush Mombasa coast or the wild bush on horseback through the game parks. The people I met, the wild life, the trees, and the music in the air, always… All this makes me who I am today, and contributed to my deep longing to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.