Languedoc house, Pic Saint Loup, France

After the first tour I was more than ready to put my bags down for a little while. So when this little house (near where my brother and his family live now) called my name, I answered “Home”! Moved in as fast as possible, and we set up with Jerome the “Victory Rider’s studio” and started to record the “Made for change” album, negotiating turns with the relentless midi cicadas and the so-called singing river frogs.

When it’s break time we escape into the cool garrigues on these beautiful hiking trails, where we sometimes run into fox and rabbit, and in the spring the paths are lined with seemingly psychedelic wild flowers. Behind the house I have a small organic vegetable garden where I grow all the veggies that my sweet french neighbors don’t grow, like hot chili peppers, kale, collard greens, okra, coriander, curry leaf; well I could go on and on about my garden, but maybe another time…

For some reason, after all these years of traveling, planting roots does me good! :-) and what better place than the south of France to do just that.