San Francisco, California, USA

After a lot of traveling, and trips to France and the Caribbean to spend time with my father. I moved into my big brother Austin’s attic.

Here is a web site with some of his work: He had a house up on Haight St. where he painted and rented out the rest to other artists. I felt quite at home in my brother’s artist community…

In my life I’ve always been the outsider, the foreigner, but living on Haight st, I suddenly wasn’t so odd. In fact, walking down the street, I was often one of the more so called “normal” looking people! Still terribly shy about my music, I spent a lot of time writing songs alone. I’d go and watch bands play and wonder how they got the nerve to just get up there and sing. It’s there that I first met the Ali Khan family of classical sufi musicians. I began to spend a lot of time with them learning as much as I could from their long line of family experience.